Subscription Rates

Explore our subscription plans designed to enhance your online presence. Choose the one that suits your business needs and get started today




Monthly fee

  • Crafted Landing Page

"A professionally designed Landing Page tailored for your start-up."


  • 50GB Hosting 

"Reliable hosting to ensure your website is always accessible."


  • Domain Name & SSL Certificate.

"Establish a secure and unique online identity."


  • Easy Website Builder

"Empower yourself with our user-friendly

website builder, accompanied by video tutorials."






Monthly fee

  • Crafted Website

"A tailored website for business growth with unlimited pages."


  • 100GB Hosting

"Expand your online space with increased hosting capacity."


  • Domain Name & SSL Certificate

"Ensure a secure and branded online experience."


  • Free Updates

"Keep your website dynamic with our complimentary service."


  • Website Backup Included

"Peace of mind with regular website backups, protecting your valuable data and content."



E-Commerce Shop Package


Monthly fee


  • Crafted Website with Online Store

"Elevate your business with a professionally designed website with an online store."


  • 200GB Hosting

"Scale your online presence without limitations."


  • Domain Name & SSL Certificate

"Establish trust and credibility with secure connections."


  • Free Updates

Let me handle the maintenance if you want to concentrate on your business's growth. I ensure your online store remains updated, secure, and ready to serve your customers effectively.


  • Website Backup Included

"Your data is important to us; that's why we include automatic website backups to safeguard your online assets."




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